A non-sentimental view of Dundee’s objects…

December 3, 2007

How does the city communicate? (through non-textual means) What does the city communicate? (a history, a culture, an identity) To whom or to what does it communicate? (its inhabitants and its strangers). These are the fundamental research questions of this project. It is possible to subsume under these all the issues we have so far reviewed. The answers are, in a sense, quick and obvious; but elaborating them will help us to plan cities, to design them, to experience them, to make them platforms for collective thought.

The research aims and methodologies will be – in effect – the projects about Dundee which answer these questions. The context is the history of urbanism, a checklist of practitioners and books from the stoics (those philosophers of the marketplace) to the situationists to the new media practitioners who propose that digital space and technology are the new collective forums.

A non-sentimental view of one of Dundee’s objects…



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